Awards my site received from              United Kingdom
Animated flag of The United Kingdom
Award for rescuing my dogs
Sibz Web Sites Award
Hi Joel, I have Enjoyed Visiting your website, And I am pleased to give you the *Sibz Web Site Award* For your site and for you. Congratulations. Have a GREAT day, and GOD BLESS YOU..
 Psychic Medium Charles Joseph Sibley..
April, 2006
The Fartown School Grade C award
Hi Joel,
After visiting your website, Author Joel Goulet, we are all in agreement that a lot of hard work has been put in to creating and maintaining your pages.  It is because of this we would like to offer you one of the Fartown School awards. As the Fartown School website focuses on our school days, our awards are not classed as 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'Bronze' as with most other sites, but are based on the grades we received whilst we were at school - 'Grade A', 'Grade B', 'Grade C', etc.  We would like to award your website our 'Grade C' award and we would be honoured if you were to display it on your pages.

May 18, 2006
Crystal Award 2nd from Sylvia at Crystal Award Program
May 26, 2006
Dear Joel Goulet,
 Congratulations! Your website - Author Joel Goulet - - has met my criteria and has won a Crystal Award. I found your site to be quick to load, user-friendly, well written, and easy to navigate, with a simple design which makes the pages easy to read and a pleasure to view. Again, congratulations, and keep up the good work!
Crystal Award Program
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Animated Wales Flag
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Pepsi And Max's Top Site Award
Hello Joel! 
 It would be our pleasure to award you Pepsi & Max's Topsite Award.  
 We enjoyed visiting your site very much and reading the excerts, Silver Fox especially, thats left us wanting to know what else happened. 
Best Regards 
 Anita and Margaret @ Baywood Pets 
Wales, UK
June 4, 2007
Kevin's Creative Excellence Award
Kevin's Gold Award
Hi "Joel", 
               Many congratulations on your very fine site. I really 
enjoyed my visit, and i was most impressed with your "Short Story". 
Westerns are my favourite reading. You are a very talented writer, and 
i offer you my "Gold Award" and also my "Creative Excellence" award. 
Thank you so much for applying for my award "Joel".Take care and best 
wishes to you from Wales. U.K 

May 10, 2008
Mearnswood Media Winner Award For Excellence In Design
Dear Joel,  
Congratulations !!! Your 1st Web Award from Bonnie SCOTLAND - well done ! Your Web site has been selected to win the Mearnswood media ‘Excellence in 
Design Award.’ I have chosen your site, to be a worthy of our ‘Excellence in Design Award.’ What is the purpose of this award? It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and/or HTML expertise. What is our reason for giving awards? To give credit where credit is due. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a quality website. For this reason, We feel everyone who has achieved his or her goal of maintaining an overall appealing website deserves at the least, a badge of honour. The badge of honour we have to offer is the 
‘Excellence in Design Award.’  For those who appreciate the award, We are honoured to present it to you. This award is not given to everyone who nominates his or her home page or site. By our discretion, we select only the sites we find to fit the minimum requirements and in some way or another reach beyond them. Why do we have the authority to judge which sites are good and which sites are bad? We don't. We don't judge which sites are good or bad, we give the award to sites 
that in OUR opinion are of higher quality. You have obviously worked very hard, investing your time, and skills into making a great web site. Now let everybody know of your recognised achievement by proudly displaying your award for your clients, colleagues and friends to admire. 
 Again, Congratulations from the team at Mearnswood Media and keep up the good work! 

May 11, 2008
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AntrimTown Top Site Of The Year 2008 Award
AntrimTown Web Site Of Excellence 2008 Award
May 18, 2008
Dear Joel,   
Having visited your site, I found it to be very interesting, one that would make you come back again. Very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.
I have great pleasure in giving you both of my Awards as you thoroughly deserve them.
You are also in my  'Award Winners' page with a link to your site.
Take Care

Northern Ireland

Antique Collector Best Site Award
Hello Joel,   
Congratulations on a really great website! I am more than pleased to offer you the Antique Collector Award. 
My very best regards and your continued online success,
Philip Chave

June 5, 2008
La Luna's Diamond Award
July 6, 2008
Dear Joel,
I am happy to award you my  "Diamond Award"
well done in presenting a well managed and efficient site. Good luck to you in your future endeavours.
My best regards to you,
La Luna's Niche

Purple Moon Award--Bronze Award
Sept. 13, 2008
Dear Joel,
Congratulations, I have awarded you the
Bronze Purple Moon Award. Well done in creating your personal web site. I had no problems in finding my way around, all in all, a site worthy of my bronze award. The very best of luck to you in all your future endeavours.
Best regards,
Jean Adams.

The Grimsby Whites Gold Award
April 6, 2009
We have had a really good time going through your website, thoroughly enjoyed it, we liked it that much we have awarded you a Gold award.
Congratulations from the UK
Grimsby Whites